As we age, we require more medicines, or so my doctor would have me think. I do have some chronic health conditions, and I have to agree with him that those require medicine.

(Oh, my, another “senior citizen” who’s going to talk about her health!)

I want to talk about my “find”. I have some problems with my lungs and frequently take time released Mucinex. I do not like to take them, but sometimes I find I must. The other day I was shopping with my youngest son (remember my visit two posts ago?) and the Walmart we were in did not have my regular Mucinex. I looked through what they did have and settled on children’s liquid Mucinex. You know what? For my purposes it’s better than the time released stuff. When I need breathing help, I need it NOW. The children’s Mucinex can be taken more frequently, but since it works so quickly and so well, I only take it once a day or once every couple days as needed. It’s grape flavored, this bottle is, and doesn’t leave the bitter after taste in my mouth that the pills left. However, the quickness with which it works is what has me raving about it.





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