Don’t Care

The amount of suffering shared through the media, the internet, everywhere today results in people being overwhelmed and saturated and unable to care about every disaster or unfortunate incident they hear about.

When I’m on the internet, frequently screens will pop up that cover what I’m trying to see or trying to read and it doesn’t matter what their message is, I meet it with irritation and an attitude of not caring.

I’m usually a very caring person. I’ve been called too generous. I like to help others. It disturbs me that the bombardment of pain and suffering that shows up now in anything I do online or while watching TV or even at the movies when they try to worry me about cancer and show ads hoping for donations . . . I can’t fix everything and everybody.

I am sorry that all the things I now hear about frequently cause me to think, “I don’t care.” I cannot care or I would be “cared out”. I have my own problems and issues. I have a limit to how much I can emotionally care. I wish the world would stop turning me and possibly others “off” to caring and trying to help. It’s too much. It’s having the opposite effect that all these ads desire.


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