Gray Hair

I am tired of seeing ads for hair color. The manufacturers of hair dye leads us to think that at the first sign of gray hair, we should panic and immediately begin trying to hide it.

Hide our age? Hasn’t that been a great American past time? Why?

I know much more now than I did before I got gray hair. I would be very bored by a young man if I did catch his eye because I was dolled up to look years younger. I’m seeking a man, if ever I find one, who enjoys being his age as much as I enjoy being mine.

Wrinkle cream? What else do they try to get us to buy because we look old? Old is not so bad. I’ll tell you my age, if you ask.

If you must work so hard to look younger than you are, if you cannot accept aging gracefully and enter into the ranks of older citizens, then perhaps you need to climb back into your playpen and enjoy the company of those you are trying to impress.


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