I Can Do Anything Better Than You

One of the worst parts of being older is watching younger people struggle to do things that is so easy, if they’d just concentrate. Sometimes I wonder if there is something in the water that makes younger people refuse to listen to suggestions or if it’s just inherent stubbornness?
I’ve spent A WEEK trying to get someone to do something that should have been completed a week ago. Now with tomorrow looming and the banks being closed (and her office) on Friday, all I can do is hope that Hurricane Arthur shows up to ruin her beach plans, because it’s obvious to me that she has focused on her upcoming holiday and not her “job”.
Incompetence is rampant in America today and after a WEEK of struggling to help someone see HOW to do her job and seeing her fail time and time again, without so much as a care that she is not doing it, well, I hope she’s headed to NC’s beaches and I hope Arthur gets there too.
Maybe a day of sitting in her motel room while it rains and is very windy will help her reflect on her lack of focus. But then again, she’ll probably just lament, “Why is this happening to me?”


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