Children’s Medicine

Recently I was visiting my son who lives in another town. I noticed I didn’t have many of my Mucinex pills left, so when we went to Walmart, I looked for a box of them. They had different varieties of Mucinex pills, but not the type I take frequently.
I have asthma and a lung condition and besides the doctor advising me to take Mucinex daily, I find I need to take it daily to improve my breathing ability.
I was only in that town for a couple days and didn’t want to run around looking for my regular Mucinex pills, so I bought a bottle of children’s liquid Mucinex.
You know what I discovered? The children’s liquid Mucinex goes to work faster on me and clears up some of the “spider-webs” (feeling as if spider webs) in my lungs so that I feel better faster than the pills did. That was quite a discovery!
I have since switched to using the children’s version of the product.
When I talked to my son about this discovery, he said he had been taking Flintstones Children’s Vitamins for years because they work better than the adult vitamins he took.
I am NOT a doctor. I am NOT licensed or qualified to give any medical advice. I just am an ordinary person like you who is sharing something I discovered in my lifetime that may or may not work as well for others. Since I have two lung conditions, it may be just something I would notice or think was better.
And anyone who is wondering how this related to being Proud of every wrinkle, well, do you know how old I was before that breathing condition was diagnosed? I was in my 50’s. I was referred to a Pulmonary doctor for a series of tests, because my then doctor, Dr. Abrons in Wilmington NC, realized I had something more than asthma. So getting older sometimes clears up medical mysteries you’ve experienced, but have not been able to have correctly diagnosed.


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