Do Dogs Have Wrinkles?

My oldest dog is joining me as I become a senior citizen. I wonder if I shaved off all her hair (I won’t!) if she would have wrinkles underneath?
We tend to walk at the same pace. We wake up in the same state – give me an hour or two and I’ll have more pep in my step kind of state.
This morning when I took her out, my son took out the younger dog we have. The age gap between these two is about ten years. One is almost four; the other is almost fourteen.
My old dog and I are always last out the door so as not to be rushed down the steps by the exuberance of youth. We haven’t skipped down steps in quite a while. Still there is a slow, enjoyable cadence about our movements.
This morning my dog paused in the grass out front and sniffed the air. She slowly walked around the yard and found the places she prefers to do her business. From time to time she would stop and gaze down the street at her younger dog friend, Joy, who was walking quickly from place to place with my son. Joy would stop from time to time to sniff a new smell, but never stopped for more than thirty seconds.
Blackie seemed to be looking longingly at the younger dog. I asked if she wanted to go down there. I did not, but if she had wanted to, we would. She continued to make a short trek around our front lawn. She stayed outside and waited. When Joy came back, we all entered the house together . . . well, with us going in last. The youthful exuberance had not worn off and we needed time to climb the steps.
I promised Blackie I’d walk her farther later if she wanted. I gave her an arthritis pill. We will probably go for a longer walk this afternoon. I took my own Arthritis pill as well.
Getting older is not a bad thing. Sure, you lose the exuberance and energy of youth, but you gain a slower, more knowledgeable vision of life. You live in the moment and find that you get more out of each moment. It’s a trade off and not an unpleasant one.



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