Bait and Switch

I went to the grocery store last week to buy bacon. I had an email from my usual grocery store stating that the bacon was on sale for $3.99 and since I was a valued customer, I would get an additional $1.00 off using my store card.
This was good news to me because I eat bacon and eggs for breakfast almost every morning. I’ve found it’s an excellent breakfast for diabetics.
When I got to the store, I, of course, picked up a few other items. When I got to the meat case with the bacon in it, there was none of the kind of bacon that had been promised for $2.99 a pack. Frustrated because I had already put other things in my cart, I went to the seafood employee, who was the only meat employee I saw in the whole meat section. He told me I could buy the low sodium kind of that bacon for the sale price, since they were out of the kind that had been advertised on sale. I told him that bacon did not have a sale price on its shelf label. It stated $5.99. Was he sure? He smiled and said yes, so I put the 2 pack limit of that kind of bacon in my cart. I would have to remember to check that it rang up correctly while I was checking out, and that annoyed me. I do not like grocery shopping and anything that makes it more of a chore isn’t appreciated.
The bacon rang up right, but I wondered how many other shoppers saw the bin empty, and the $5.99 price on the substituted item and just shrugged and either didn’t buy bacon or went ahead and got their usual brand at the regular, high cost? I had trouble finding anyone to ask about it in the meat department. Some people never have the time or take the time to search for an employee who might know something about the product on sale, but not available. They just pay the regular, high price and take it in stride.
I do not. I have already switched from one store to this one because the old store frequently advertised items on sale, but then didn’t have the items in stock when I shopped. I felt like they were deliberately deceiving me and I despise being lied to. Now it looks like my new grocery store may be beginning to do the same type of bait and switch.
I will spend more on gas and drive a little farther, if I can find a grocery store that delivers what it promises. We have at least two new ones that recently opened in this area. It’s time to check out one of them.
Bait and switch is not acceptable. I’m a very loyal customer, but I will leave if a store is not living up to its promises. I didn’t ask for the bacon to be put on sale, but when it was, I expected it to be available. It was a Saturday morning. What was their excuse? Come one, come all, and then get tricked?


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