The Internet

My mother was a highly intelligent person and I just wonder what she would have done if she’d had access to the internet?

She died at a young age and I was young also – I was in my twenties, but far from ready to see her go.

Now I am older than she was when she died and I frequently go on the internet to check various things. There are financial websites, health info, food info . . . if you want to learn about most anything, you can go on the internet and find it.

She also typed on a typewriter. I did as well, and the comparison between the typewriter keyboard and the computer keyboard is something else! My son says he loves the sound of the computer keyboard. For me, it makes me realize how loud the typewriter keyboard was.

We older citizens can enjoy our lives more fully because of the internet. I think every senior citizen in America should learn how to use search engines and how to navigate the internet.

It seems there are projects assigned all the time. Maybe some students could be assigned to teach one senior citizen about search engines and the internet. It would probably prove valuable for both of them.

I worked in a magnet school that emphasized science and technology. Every week we had a technology class during our planning time. One summer I went to a two week “camp” at UNC-Ch and learned more than I even knew was possible to learn about technology. I had three sons who were young and who would show me how to do things on the computer and that helped as well. I have been very fortunate with my technology training. Oh . . . and at one time I worked for IBM.

Often when I talk to other senior citizens about computers and the internet, they say they have no interest in learning about it and they think I am a whiz at using a computer. That makes me lol! (I remember the first time I saw lol . . . my son had written it in something he was writing. I said how nice it was to include Biblical words, but that lo had no “l” at the end of it. When he finished laughing, he explained to me what it meant.)

There was one time when my sons were talking and I heard a term I wasn’t familiar with. When I asked what that meant, they told me they were not going to tell me. So I looked it up on the internet. I saw why they didn’t want to tell their mother the definition of that term. I told them not to say that in my house anymore because I had looked it up on the internet! Their faces turned red and they rolled their eyes, but I never heard them say it in my presence again. 

Senior Citizens have more free time than ever. I think they all should learn the joys of the internet. I wonder if any places could set up for me or someone else to share it with them – for free, of course!


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