With Age Comes Caution . . . and sometimes fear

I have today set up my Kickstarter Account for the book of pet poetry I hope to publish.

I have not added the video to the account yet; I have not said exactly how much I hope to raise. My project is not yet “live”. However, there is a preview link.

The caution and fear part of this post relates to all the personal questions that Kickstarter asks as you set up an account. Then there is the funding page and how to handle any money that might be pledged. I am no accountant. I don’t know what’s safe to divulge and what is not. I can only assume the privacy settings are safe (while memories of some companies being hacked play in my mind).

But are we every completely safe from every threat? Isn’t that where God comes in?

So trusting that God has blessed me with writing talent and really wanting to see my poems published in one book before I die, I am setting up a Kickstarter Account to help me fund the self-publishing of my poetry book that will contain poems (some previously published in magazines and newspapers, and others not yet published) that are written about my pets – past and present.

Here’s a short sample of one poem that was published and will be in the book:

Old Atlas

He’s not much use as a watchdog,
I sneak up on him every day,
And sometimes I see him trip
On a toy that’s been left in his way.

The rest of the poem will be in the book and was previously published in Grit Newspaper in 1985! This illustrates how long I’ve been writing poems and how much I want them in a book now.

Here is the link to my Kickstarter Account. Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated:





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