Exhaustion from Computer Sites Malfunctioning

I will admit that I get tired more easily now than I used to. I can think of many reasons why, but if you put them all together, they equal “being older”.

I do try to have patience with modern ways. I get frustrated when I follow instructions to a T, and they do not “work”. Life was easier before computers.

You could go out and plant cucumber seeds. When you checked on them, they either had sprouted, or they hadn’t. They did not send messages saying they were unable to verify whatever needs verifying to sprout.

I use a bank where they know my name. When I walk in, they speak to me by name. It’s not just me; that’s how they treat everyone. Does anyone reading this remember those days when you were a name, not a number?

I have been dealing with two different sites on this computer for two days. I even got my oldest son in here to help, because I was sure the problem was ME, not the computer. Guess what! It was the sites I was trying to use on the computer.

I got an email just now that said they had gone in and seen what I was trying to do and they verified it for me and everything is ready to go. Dare I believe them?

Like I said at first, I am exhausted. Doing simple things did not cause this much exhaustion in the past. I could plant part of a garden, come in, sit down and watch TV for a bit, while I had a snack, and then go back out and finish planting the garden. Now? Just interacting with this wonderful computer has exhausted me to the point that I am going to have to take an afternoon nap.

Computers. Lots of older people don’t like them. When computers work, they are wonderful, but when they don’t, it’s one of the most frustrating parts of today’s life.



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