Every day is a surprise a minute once you become a senior citizen. You can feel fine and have most things in working order when you go to bed at night; when you awake, some part of your body may surprise you by working differently or not working at all.
Recently I had a lump develop in my mouth. I had decided it was cancer and had done all the research on it before seeing the dentist.
It was an abscess. And there are probably a couple more under teeth. I got the news yesterday at the dentist’s office.
This dentist has been my dentist for over 30 years. I trust him completely. He’s done a couple root canals on me before. He’s sent me for one extraction, as he doesn’t do those, but refers patients to an oral surgeon.
So I’m looking at him yesterday and telling him I don’t WANT a root canal. Just fix it! He says I might want to just go ahead and get an extraction. I may end up needing one after a root canal anyway. Uh, isn’t that adding insult to injury?
Then he adds the crowning touch . . . he will not be able to do the root canal, but will need to refer me.
I think I’ll just have the darn thing pulled out.
How many teeth do you need to lose to get dentures? Aren’t there things called partial dentures?
Oh, Lord! Probably as soon as I get this tooth/teeth fixed, an ear will fall off. I kid you not. It could happen. Puberty was a time of surprises as well, but they were pretty much happy surprises. All this stuff that goes on after you pass a certain age are startled surprises.
This morning, probably because of the antibiotics I’m on, I’m feeling better than I have all month. I was able to forgo my morning nap. I may have to give in and take an afternoon one. I’m almost afraid to go to sleep. I think little midgets – teeny tiny, invisible to the eye midgets – invade my body and discuss which thing to pull loose next while I sleep.


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