Wait Till You Get Here

Everyone is pretty much the same as they age. They just don’t realize it until they get to the next decade or whatever it is that defines a change in outlook and beliefs.

Reading the news is eye-opening. I also read the comments on many online articles. Several this morning lamented how young people kill others so freely today. I blame it on the “daycare” generation’s way of thinking. I know some people have to work and have no choice, but I believe in days long ago when most everyone’s mama stayed home, kids were held more accountable for their actions. I learned pretty quickly that even though my mother had to work to support us, the other mothers who stayed at home in the neighborhood were keeping an eye on me. Some days they would meet her on the sidewalk to tell her if I’d done something they didn’t approve of during the day. Other days, they’d call her at her job to tell her what I was doing. She’d call me at home and I’d straighten up.

Who do the current children have keeping an eye on them? Do they grow up competing, always competing, for attention and having many of the things they do go unnoticed? The ratio of child care giver to number of kids in a room at the daycare prevents the kind of eagle eye that was kept out for those of us who were fortunate enough to have mothers in our neighborhoods 24/7.

I find myself agreeing more with the older people I knew when I was younger. Things do change and not always for the better. I wonder sometimes how people will survive as technology replaces more and more human interaction. Do we lose a bit of humanity with each new invention?

Wait until you get my age . . . or an age I’ve already been. You’ll be surprised at how many things I think and say that you’ll agree with then.


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