And So Another Thing Ends

I’ve seen the same dentist for 33 years. I like him so much that I have driven over 200 miles to see him when I moved to the coast for grad school, and then for the 3 years after when I worked a hundred miles from him. I really, really like this dentist. Problem is, he’s older than I am and has been talking about cutting back on his hours. Before he could work that out, he hurt his shoulder and needed surgery. However, he left me “in the capable hands of the dentist who will be helping him out from now on”.

I have a tooth abscess. My regular dentist had said because of his shoulder injury, he could not do a root canal, but this doctor could. Yesterday I went in to see this new doctor/dentist. He said my tooth is “swimming in infection”, but he’s not comfortable doing a root canal, but he knows a specialist who could do it. He recommends keeping the tooth as it’s one of my first molars. So I ask if I can have an antibiotic for the infection while I wait to see the specialist? He said no. He said all that mumbo jumbo about germ resistance being developed if I took one . . . ???? My cat can get antibiotics; my dog can get antibiotics; my son could get antibiotics for his acne when he was younger . . . but with a tooth “swimming in infection and actually more of it has gathered in a lump up in my gum, I CANNOT HAVE ONE.

I guess I’m an old, worthless woman in his opinion. When I told my youngest son, he got upset and said he’d SUE the man if that infection got into my lungs, for I have a lung condition that can be fatal.

I guess now I have no dentist at all.




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