Hard to be Older

One of the hardest things about being older is thinking you know what’s right and what’s wrong and how someone should behave because of your beliefs.

My youngest son and I have been having a difference of opinion for several weeks. I was absolutely sure I was right! I was frustrated with his refusal to acknowledge my wisdom and good sense.

Isn’t it funny how a few weeks can sometimes change your mind?

I’m still not sure his plans are the best plans, but I’m no longer sure that they’re a mistake either.

One thing I’ve noticed is that young people have different viewpoints that come from their visions of the world – and the world has changed greatly since I’ve been in it. Maybe I need to turn the picture into a different light or direction to see what I’ve missed seeing all along.

All these “children” who were born to older parents might have a larger generational gap than previous generations. That doesn’t mean we don’t love each other; it just means we need to dust off the vision once in awhile and look at it in a different light.


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