Mistakes Lead to Improvements

Perhaps the title is misleading? I know the person who invented sticky notes was trying to make a permanent glue and was unsuccessful. However sticky notes are a huge successs!

What I intended to write about is how mistakes can lead to better things  . . . but the exact subject was how not being able to find Mucinex Pills in a store led me to buy Children’s Liquid Mucinex, because I needed SOMETHING! and it was available. I discovered that the liquid form is quicker acting on my stopped up lungs than the 12 hour pill form. Now I no longer buy the pills, but get the liquid.

It’s a shame older people can’t write down all the mistakes they’ve made and have younger people avoid their pitfalls. Have you ever tried to share experiences and knowledge with a younger person? More often than not, they will reply that it was YOUR experience and won’t necessarily apply to their lives. That’s when you pop the popcorn and settle back to watch the train wreck that you know is headed their way.

But mistakes do lead to improvements and just as you (or I) made our mistakes, they make theirs, gain wisdom, and get ignored when they try to share, and life’s train wrecks move on.



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