Technology is everywhere. There are iPads, Smart Phones, Computers, Laptops, Digital This and That. Tablets . . . I’m sure I forgot many other gadgets that people today rely on so heavily and use too much. There, I said it . . . Use Too Much!

Some things can and should be done without the use of technology. The gadgets that are touted to speed up our lives and actions at times actually slow us down. Machines don’t and never have worked perfectly. They break down; some are actually “lemons” and don’t work right from the time they’re created.

I’ve spent over a week doing a job that required me to use an iPad. How many times was the link “too busy” for me to sync my information? How many times did I enter the same id and password? How many times could I have done it six times faster with a paper and pencil?

Just because you can use technology doesn’t mean you should. It has its place; it is valuable. Those of us who grew up without it are viewed as dinosaurs that do not understand. Well, I see younger people having the same technological glitches and problems I have using some of the gadgets to do simple things.

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket . . . and don’t put all your work and ideas into some technological gadget. Sometimes paper and pencil are better.


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