Old in Age, Young in Heart

I do enjoy being older. There is a certain freedom once you become close to being a senior citizen that you don’t have when you’re younger.

I no longer count my wrinkles. Some days I have more than others and I assume it’s related to how tired I am or how worried I’ve been that day.

Worry . . . that’s another thing that is disappearing as I age. For one thing, I don’t dwell on things like I once did. I could gnaw a situation to death until it had me in dithers, but now I know what will happen will happen, and thinking about it does little good. I search for solutions and try the ones I think will work and if they don’t, oh, well!

Wars and rumors of wars, diseases, weather . . . if what is a headline today is a new version of these things, they are still things I have faced and know I can face again.

Life is a journey and it’s been an interesting one. I don’t know when I’ll pull into the station, but I don’t intend to worry about that either. I appreciate great weather, like today has been. I also enjoy a thunderstorm. I like watching things work out and I like knowing time is something that affects all things.

I still like to try new things, and that’s why I think of myself as young in heart. I enjoy the company of children and I accept them as they accept me – wrinkles and all.

Age is just a number, but sometimes the higher the number, the greater the benefit.


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