Retirement Looms

Retirement looms. I wonder why that phrase conjures up a big storm that is ahead and almost here? That’s not how I feel about retiring.
For one thing, with this being my last full-time work year, I find myself buying all those delightful things I’ve always wanted, but put off buying.
I just looked at a greenhouse online. I believe I’ll buy one before I quit this job.
I bought a beautiful winter coat that should last me the rest of my days.
I want a weighted keyboard because I always wanted to learn to play the piano.
I would like to get a new computer because I want a better one for my writing endeavors.
Writing . . . it may be that I will exchange one career for another, but that depends on how well I succeed at selling my writing.
The delights of sleeping until I wake up and not tottering across the room to turn off an alarm clock that doesn’t wake me if it’s by my bed . . . eating when I feel like it . . . napping every day. These are the things that loom in retirement for me. I know there will be less money, but considering I have spent most of my earnings on others all my life, I doubt it will seem like much less. It was expensive raising three sons alone, but it was well worth it.
Now it’s my turn. Retirement “looms”. ha, ha.


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