I hate telephones. There’s been too many times when I’ve been told I said something I knew I had NOT said on the phone. Plus, it seems to ring only when I’m very busy doing something else.

I have a cell phone, but it’s what they call a burner phone on crime stories. It’s cheap. I buy minutes when I run out of minutes. I don’t even remember the number most of the time. My son has it linked to his cell phone and he can call me.

At one time in my life, for about two years, I was a telephone operator. I loved, loved, loved that job! Then I was offered a job making more money and I took the new job. But you’d think, as much as I liked talking to people on my headset that I would enjoy talking to folks on the phone. I don’t.

Some people call and I don’t know why they called after we hang up. They talk about nothing. A friend was complaining about getting so many phone calls that didn’t matter or amount to anything. I told him I don’t answer my phone because too many people want to talk about nothing. He laughed at that and said I was exactly right.

My phone is in my cat’s room. She prefers to lie in that bedroom on a cushioned cat bed looking out the window all day. Once in awhile she will dart out of that room and rush down the hall and into the kitchen only to rush back to her room like the devil himself is after her. I do not understand these antics, but figure she is getting exercise, so maybe it’s a good thing? But she endures the ringing of the phone. I have gone in there and seen where she’s knocked it off the base, so probably she doesn’t like it either, or always endure it.

Phones can be useful. Once when I was in the hospital, recovering from that day’s surgery, my oldest son called. He had left the hospital (at my insistence) to go home to take care of my pets. He said the old, grouchy dog that I had was eyeing him in a disturbing way and he thought she might be getting ready to bite him. She was making him uneasy and seemed to blame him for my disappearance. I told him to put her on the phone. He held the phone to her ear and I talked to her and told her I’d be back soon. He said she wagged her tail and settled down. So in that instance, the phone was valuable. Most of the time it’s just a nuisance.

I cannot understand how people can have a live human being across from them at a dinner table and ignore that person to stare at and interact with their cell phone. Sometimes it’s their own children they are ignoring! And I’ve seen them hand their phone to their child to get them quiet.

I know about the apps and the games and the texting, etc, but I just don’t “get it”. I enjoy my computer, but can stop working/playing on it long enough to do other things. Some people go through life with a cell phone attached to their hand 24/7.

That won’t be me. I hate phones.

Female Telephone Operator Adjusting Lines Clipart Picture


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