Storage Facility is Full!

Senior Moments . . . seems like they are visiting me more frequently.

My head is full of stuff . . . memories, lessons learned, plans, lists, ideas, names, experiences . . . Decades of accumulated stored mind data.

I read that older people have senior moments because of the vast amount of information stored in our heads.

When I search my mind for an idea, I envision a messager boy running hither and yon in search of the right word . . . he will hold up one that is close to what I seek, and I have to tell his disappointed self that it’s not quite right. Then he dashes off again to continue his search.

Meanwhile I sit staring at a point on the wall or out the window trying to be patient while he searches. Eventually he finds what I’m trying to think of. Sometimes, when I’m in a hurry, like at the Bojangles Drive Thru last week, when I could not recall the Supremes Dinner words, I will just describe what I am trying to order. Of course, the cashier threw me off by hurling various words at me and before I could figure out which of them – if any – were what I sought, the messenger boy in my head held up Bojangles Supreme Combo!!!!

It is fun being older because young people are so quick to underestimate us. They turn into dancers with words as they try to guess what we’re trying to say. They should learn to stand still and wait for the messenger boy . . . or change the subject. That works too.

I wonder if I started typing and didn’t stop except to sleep and eat, how long I could type before I had all the memories, words, experiences, etc. written out. No . . . that’s not how I want to spend the rest of my life, but it would encompass thousands of pages.

Senior Moments . . . I earned them.

Messenger - human with blue envelope - 3d isolated on white...


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