I hate nickles worse than I hate pennies.

I know a penny isn’t worth a damn.

But  a nickle? I just dropped one. After wondering “what was THAT?” I had to bend down to see. It was a nickle. I picked it up anyway.

A penny wouldn’t have made me bend down at all. A nickle looks enough like a quarter that I will investigate if I drop one.

I’ll even argue with cashiers about one. One day at the movies I was paying with quarters and the woman told me how much more I owed her. I was giving HER a piece of MY mind about her adding abilities, when my oldest son leaned down and said, “Mom . . . those things you gave her were nickles . . . “. He had stood and done the math and figured out what was going on. She wouldn’t give me what I ordered . . . she HAD MY money . . . and I didn’t understand why the price had gone up right after I paid.

I hate a damn nickle.


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