Uneducated Americans

People in “schools” today do not receive the education my generation enjoyed. This is affecting parts of my life already. These uneducated individuals grow up and get jobs in places and spend their time there truly messing up any semblance of competency. You see them wait on you and give you back the wrong change. You encounter them when they get jobs at government agencies and cannot perform their duties correctly. It’s not a matter of why they didn’t hire smarter people. No one is smart any more. They drill into children from preschool on that life is a group experience and without the group’s approval and agreement, no idea is worthwhile. No child left behind legislation guaranteed  that no child would go forward. My generation took pride in free speech (say the wrong word now and watch the fallout) and individual accomplishments. America is now filled with uneducated people, who have been taught to question every new idea they have until they can find a group to support it, and many members of that sought out group cannot even make correct change from a dollar. They put pictures of items on cash registers because the uneducated masses cannot figure out how to ring up an order otherwise. A lack of education – a decent education – is going to be one more nail in the coffin of America’s demise.


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