Incompetence In America

Incompetence in America has reached a record high.
If you call about a problem . . . customer service, which is a laughable term . . . you are on hold and then after you talk with someone who has no idea how to help you, they transfer you and then you’re on hold again.
They might finally answer, and if they do, they assure you that they will handle your problem. It will be fixed! Don’t worry, they all say.
Ha, ha, ha. Two days later the problem has doubled and when you call, you get the same know-nothing that transferred you the last time and again will transfer you. You can be on hold for almost an hour before someone who has no intentions of helping you or even cares if you have a problem will answer the phone and assure you that they, yes, THEY, have taken care of the problem and it is solved. Two days later . . . repeat ad nauseam.


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