Evil in America

My bank received a garnishment form from a tax office. I had paid half the tax and it was showing the payment taken out in January of this year. The garnishment paper was dated late January of this year. I called the bank. I emailed the bank. I sent the bank a letter.
I called the tax office twice and was on hold 40 minutes. Both times they said they were “releasing the garnishment” because I did not owe that much that the other amount was scheduled to come out in February. I told my bank. My bank had 30 days to take out the garnished money. They took it out on the 11th day, although they knew I was working on getting the release of garnishment paper to them. I received the release of garnishment paper the day after the bank took out the money AND took out a hefty $100 fee for garnishing the money. I called the bank. They said they also had received the release of garnishment paper, but were not going to do anything about it. They refused to reverse the garnishment.
Why are companies evil in America? It certainly makes them look desperate to me.
I’m an older American, but I no longer feel about my country the way I once did.
Just because someone is old and perceived as weak doesn’t mean other people should walk all over them and take advantage of them.
Yesterday I went to another bank to open an account. It seems my current bank has put something about a recent transaction (garnishment) on my credit file and the new bank refused to open an account for me.
People are evil and I am always amazed by how very evil they are, although I’ve seen evil over and over in my lifetime.
I’m wondering if anyone is good anymore? If so, where are they and where do they work?


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