Wrinkles/Laugh Lines

I looked at my face in the mirror this morning. Often my wrinkles don’t show up in photos, but they are there. I smiled at myself in the mirror and saw what had caused the wrinkles. I have some around my eyes because when I smile, I smile with both my mouth and my eyes.

I’ve had a hard life, but many places along the way there must have been times when I was truly amused. I must have smiled a lot.

Thinking back on my life, I’ve often been told that I have a sense of humor. I have used this sense of humor to try to ease tension and to try to help others feel better. I guess my total smile, which included my eyes, helped to convince them.

My children have made me smile too many times to count. They still do. I am proud of all three of them. I am proud of my laugh lines/smile lines. Life has given me some joy and happiness. I cannot deny that with wrinkles like these.

I hope they continue to deepen.


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