Americans Are Mostly Mentally Ill

Cars zoom by me daily. They zip in and out of traffic. I end up catching them all at the stop lights. I wonder aloud why they drive this way? Why do they have to be first? Is it that daycare mentality, where they got their life values, that have convinced them if they’re not first, they’re nothing?

I go to restaurants and drive thru fast food places. My order is wrong more than it’s right. How is it possible for someone to mess up an order when they have heard it and repeated it back to me not five minutes previously? Do Americans think about anything except themselves anymore?

I see mothers rushing into work. They have just handed over their children (most of them) to strangers to raise. Here, hold this while I go earn that almighty dollar. I’ll use some of them to pay you with. Children . . . our most precious commodities trusted to the care of strangers, most of whom work for minimum wage.

Stopping on the way home from work to do anything is a vision of adults running, yes, running in to buy stuff, out to hurry home . . . to what? fixing dinner? eating dinner? Spending a couple hours with a child they wanted so badly.

We’ve lost sight of what is important and what matters in America. We send soldiers off to foreign lands to die or get maimed. When they come back, they are allowed to live homeless on the streets of America. We claim they are fighting against terrorists, but we leave our southern border wide open for anyone who wants to invade us and then we even require our citizens to speak their language to be employable in many jobs.

Do mothers know about the fire drills at daycare centers? I worked in one for a brief time. Once a month, that sweet, sleeping peacefully baby you left behind has his crib rolled out as fast as the worker can push it because they have fire drills. Nevermind how startled awake s/he is by the commotion. How scared and maybe even terrified s/he may feel. . . this is an introduction into the ways of America today.

Years ago mother stayed home. Men worked. Children were nurtured and cared for by those who loved them. There were plenty of jobs for everyone. If people raced through traffic, they were pulled over to find out what in the world was so important that they had to risk their lives and others’ lives to get to it?

Most Americans have lost their minds. They no longer are taught to think for themselves . . . there is group work, and collaboration being stressed in schools. We have no geniuses being heralded anymore. We have become a nation of people whose mental abilities have been damaged and/or are lacking. To me, that’s mental illness.


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