It Is Not Funny . . . It’s Insulting

My boss did a – she thought – funny pantomime of an older person who wanted something done a certain way because the older person was “set in her ways and didn’t want change”.

I am an older person and I was insulted. I can assure her and anyone else her young age that I have seen and coped with more change than she’s ever thought about. Just because older people might not want to change something doesn’t mean they are avoiding the new, improved version. Sometimes, with the cycle of life, we have seen the same new, improved version and know it’s a bad idea. Other times, we go with the change and enjoy it.

Older people are not any more set in their ways than younger people are. Younger people just have fewer ways to be set in, because they have not lived as long. I hear people in their thirties now complaining about changes in technology. Once something is learned and works, there is no need to change it just for change’s sake. If change makes it better, everyone, including the elderly, will embrace the change. But if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

It’s best not to insult your elders just because you’re feeling your oats. They don’t appreciate it. Just because we don’t say anything at the time of the insult doesn’t mean we don’t remember it.  Sometimes we pop popcorn so we can sit back and watch the train wreck we know is coming. We wouldn’t want to discourage the new, improved ideas of someone who has insulted us, would we?


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