There Are Some Things I Don’t Want To Do

Sometimes I am bombarded with “new this” and “new that”. I don’t know how to explain to others in a way that they will understand that I am not interested in all the new, fascinating things they think are so wonderful.

I have a simple phone and would like to keep it that way. I don’t want to get on the internet on my phone. I prefer to enjoy my surroundings when I’m not at home. I can go home and use my computer to get on the internet.

GPS? I have seen them give blatantly wrong directions. On a trip with a colleague, as she listened to her GPS speaker and argued with me which way to turn, I finally got her to LOOK AT THE SIGN that said CONFERENCE THIS WAY —————>   .   She was insisting that the way I was pointing was NOT what the GPS was saying. Yeah? I can hear too, but I can see as well.

Apps? “There’s an App for that!” I keep hearing. Well, good for it. All those pictures I see others click on, sometimes see others click on the wrong “app”. Just not interested.

Digital books? Kindle. All sorts of things to read on screens? For some of us, the light from those things hurt our eyes. There’s nothing like settling in with a good book and a good read.

Tweets? Just because you tweet it doesn’t mean I want to read it. Twitter?

People are just too self-absorbed these days. I prefer the here and now and not some gadget to entertain me because someone perceives I am bored. I am not bored. I resent eating a meal with someone who things their most recent technological toy is their dinner partner.

One restaurant even has games on a machine on the table.

I’m a real person. I like to interact with other real people. There are some things I don’t want to do. Interacting with gadgets and new this and new thats are some of them.


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