Wait Until You Get Here

As I reach ages that my grandmother reached, and I remember things she said and did, I realize that I finally understand her better.

I am going through a very rough time right now. It does not help that everyone involved in this mess seems to be so full of incompetence that when they might be able to help, they instead just make more work for me.

I cannot work anymore, but it appears I can do everyone else’s job who is working.

People have said I don’t ask for help. Well, I’m remembering why not.

Even when I do ask for help and it would be competent help, I’m often told to do that myself.

My hand still hurts from putting together a tall, oscillating fan yesterday. Why did I think anyone would do it for me? I only have severe pain in my hands, arms, legs and feet. I’m still capable of doing everything for myself and of doing other people’s jobs because obviously, as stated in the book, The Peter Principle, they have reached and passed their level of competency.

My grandmother never complained. I see why. It does no good.

All I can say to those who could help, but don’t . . . wait until you get here.


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