It’s Been Over A Week

I sent my doctor an email letting him know that Social Security would be sending him forms to fill out.

My doctor sent me the same letter twice – once regular mail; once certified mail. He wanted to be sure I got the news. The letter was dated the same day as my morning email to him.

Although I was happy when I looked through his website to see that while he does not accept Medicare, IF you’re already a a patient and you transition to Medicare, he will continue to see you. He was my doctor for three years.

I guess my doctor is a liar . . . at least on his website.

The last bill I saw that my insurance paid was for $280. That was for one fifteen minute visit with his Physician’s Assistant (not even him!).

Since I mentioned the words “Social Security”, I guess he thinks I’m transitioning to Medicare. He is wrong. At least for now.

His letter said he thought I’d be happier elsewhere? What kind of language is that? “I’d be happier elsewhere”? . . . Why doesn’t he “man up” and just say if he can’t make a bundle of money off my ailments, HE’D be happier if I went elsewhere.

I have thirty days to find someone else. He said he’d be happy to “talk to them”. Uh, no. He’s done enough.


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