I noticed today that my wrinkles are getting deeper. It may be because I am no longer working and don’t use the face care products I used when I was. Perhaps I should go back to using them.

I always assumed older people felt differently from younger ones. I’m surprised to realize we don’t. I still have hopes and dreams and want to enjoy life. I look in the mirror and marvel at how aged I’ve become.

I still feel like the same person I felt like when I was a teenager . . . well maybe when I was in my twenties. I think I have a lot more experience to use when making decisions now. Some say I have slowed down. I’m just examining all the options and possible outcomes.

Impulsiveness. That’s what’s missing. It comes out once in awhile, but with age comes the knowledge that doing what just popped into your head might not be the best plan.

Perhaps the wrinkles have deepened as I’ve furrowed my brow while considering all my options.


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