Only Ones It’s PC To Make Fun Of And Criticize

PC means Politically Correct. It seems every group in America is now protected by others walking on eggshells so as not to insult a certain group of Americans. Even if you’re not American, but you’re on this earth, you are protected by Political Correctness, except for one group. That is the older citizens of the world. Whenever they do anything wrong, no matter what mistake they may make, it is ok to make fun of them, to disparage them, to say anything and everything you want to say about them – even to their face. Why aren’t the older people protected by this “political correctness”? Still if an older person uses one unpleasant or insulting word against any other group of people, they are quickly admonished. Seems like a double standard to me. Just at the time when a person should have respect, they are the least respected group in the country. Any joke or comment is accepted by everyone their junior. Well, it’s not accepted by us. I resent it. If you don’t want us to ignore political correctness, maybe you should not ignore how we are treated.


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