Stop Discouraging Older People

I read an article last week and it said if you were a baby boomer (I am) and you were not rich yet (I’m not, not rich in money anyway), you never will be.

Who wrote that? How old were they? Did I ever, ever discourage a young person from achieving his/her dreams? No.

Did the author of that article know that Colonel Sanders used his first social security check to start KFC? How successful was that? How much did Colonel Sanders have in the bank when he died?

How does the writer know I won’t hit the jackpot? How does he know I won’t marry a very rich man?

How does anyone even know what will happen tomorrow? We don’t

I think we all need to encourage each other, regardless of station in life and hope that we all find our dreams.

I might write a best selling novel.

I’ve spent years and years helping young people realize their goals. I sacrificed for my own children. I’ve done without. Don’t tell me now in the sunset of my years what I’ll be or have. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring any more than I do.


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