With Age Comes A Relief

I now read the news articles with a different sort of view. Who’s running for President? Does it matter? What does any of the news matter when you don’t know how many more days you have on this earth? When I was young and out to change the world, it ALL mattered. Now I wish the world well, but I doubt there are going to be any great changes in my lifetime. I marvel at the callous way younger people say things like “He’s lived his life” or “Her life is almost over”. Perhaps it is; perhaps it isn’t true. I keep reading about younger and younger people suddenly dropping dead, but I don’t run around suggesting they all should assume it will be them. None of us know our futures. There are some things people “of a certain age” can be sure . . . younger people will assume to know what’s going on in your life while they are absolutely sure you have no clue what’s going on in theirs.  Styles will recycle throughout the years. Every generation will assume they know more than the previous generation. Yet, when you get to “a certain age”, you realize how very smart and wise the previous generations were. Definitions of words will change. Remember when people were “smart” and phones were devices for communication? I do. I also know something else. I’ve learned to treasure free time. As a child I took the free days of summer for granted. Now I do not. I relish in them. I enjoy naps. I stay up late to watch any show I want to see. I have the freedom of a child, but the wisdom of one who has had too few free days as I worked day in and day out to “earn a living”. Well, I earned it. I’m not going to squander this living on worrying about the news – be it local or foreign. There’s not much I can do to change anything, and as all the young people remind me, I might not be here tomorrow anyway. I’m going to pop popcorn and sit back and watch how the younger folks react to the news. I have the freedom of a child now. I’ll just watch and see what happens. It will affect the young people more than it affects me. I’ve “lived my life”, ha. ha.


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