Don’t Learn It

I am looking at various workshops and courses on Writing. I’ve taken many courses and wonder which, if any, will help me now?

I was just looking over a course on writing memoirs. The course I read about is about women writing their memoirs. Sounded interesting.

Then I remember the Course on Memoir Writing and Truth Telling that I took as a Graduate Student at UNCW. I learned so very, very much in that course. It was probably the most enjoyable course I took. It was an elective. I’d had a few things published, but was at the school to get a Masters Degree in Language and Literacy Education. I was becoming a Reading Specialist. While perusing the list of possible electives, I saw the one about Memoir Writing. I took it.

Some of my problems today stem from knowing something and thinking I need to learn more about it. Often, because of my age and my enjoyment of reading and studying, I find that something I consider learning has either already been learned, or has been learned in a different way.

Memoir Writing. I am in the midst of writing two Memoirs. I feel like I know what I’m doing. Kim, who was the instructor for that Writing course at UNCW, was an excellent teacher. Of all the classmates I had, I remember those classmates in that course the best. Most, if not all, were majoring in some form of writing. I was the odd man out, so to speak, but they included me in their group and I enjoyed hearing what they had written as well as shyly sharing what I’d composed.

I was probably the oldest person in that class. Some of my views were not like theirs. I stumbled with some of my writing. It’s hard to express yourself when you’re not among your peers – and age can affect who feels like a peer. I did my best. I learned a lot. I still have many of the books from that course.

So, in looking at the Memoir Writing for Women course I just considered taking . . . I think that topic was included in what I learned at UNCW. If it wasn’t, the topic, for me, is too narrow and I will choose not to learn it – if I don’t know it already.

Some things learned have to be unlearned. I am more particular now than I used to be about what “learning” I expose myself to. I think my mind is fine as it is when it come to Memoir Writing and Truth Telling. I won’t learn what the new course is teaching and hopefully I will not need to learn it. I think I know it already.


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