White Noise Hearing Non-Aid Desired

When you’ve been on earth as long as I have, many things you hear, you’ve already heard many times before. If someone is talking to me, I try to be polite and smile and nod by hoping against hope that they will add some detail or flavor to the telling. They seldom do. I suffer through stuff I already know many times when people are talking to me.

Often when I’m out in public and people are talking or the music/talk show radio is on in an establishment, I wish to God Almighty! that I had some form of non-hearing aid that would create a white noise in my ears, so I didn’t have to hear that racket one more time . . .

It happened today in the grocery store. Two women were arguing over which detergent to buy. Both were accurately representing their preferred product, but all they were spouting were comments made by the advertisers over and over on TV. Oh, if only I’d had a non-hearing aid in my ear with a button I could push to make a whooshing noise so I wouldn’t have to hear their know-it-all voices repeating things they’d heard on TV so many times that it had become part of who they are.

This non-hearing aid would also do well with those trying to sleep when a neighbor fires up his lawn mower at 8:00 am on a Saturday morning.

It would work well in many situations. Just think back to the last thing you heard that you wish you hadn’t had to listen to.

Somebody please invent a white noise machine that fits like a hearing aid and can be put in my ears to be used when I go out.


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