Why Can’t We Be Satisfied?

If Americans would accept their natural appearances, the demand for hair products and other appearance changing items would disappear.

I was looking at a picture of the woman who married Billy Joel yesterday. To me, her hair almost looks dirty from all the products it looks like she has put on it.

When I worked with many black teachers, they would use lots of products on their hair to make it straight. I like the way their hair looks naturally.

Then we have the white race who give injections to plump up their lips.

Tattoos . . . that trend will eventually wind down. I wondered when everyone was getting one if they realized they would “date” themselves by having them. I saw an article this week about the new “craze” being tattoos done all in white ink. It’s hard to say you’re younger than you are when you have something from a certain era permanently on your body.

Hair color? I have colored my hair and may do so again, but for now I am content with my salt and pepper hair.

Why can’t we be satisfied with what God has given us? Why can’t we look in the mirror and be happy with looking the way we genetically appear?

Dissatisfaction is an American trait. We go too fast because we are always in a hurry. We seek the nicest things that we often can’t afford. I never thought I’d see a day when a phone cost over $100 a month and people happily paid for them. I wonder how much that piece of plastic and those computer chips cost to produce?

People are getting rich off other people’s concern with looking a certain way or having certain status symbols.

I grew up poor and didn’t chase after status symbols. I just hoped there would be food in the house. That kind of situation keeps you from wanting to change your appearance or have the newest and the best. Maybe I’m different than everyone else? My sons have tried to explain to me why it’s necessary to have the best, the brightest, the shiniest, the most impressive. I still don’t get it.


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