Is The Dog Smarter, or Am I Older and Wiser?

I was sorting clothes yesterday before putting them in the laundry. I do this in the hall because I have a hamper in the bathroom and one in my bedroom and the hall is between them. So I make my piles of dirty clothes in the hallway floor and then spend the day washing, drying and putting them away.

Yesterday my young dog, Joy, who is now 4 1/2 brought her dog bed out of my son’s room and laid it on top of one of the piles. “Does that dog know what I’m doing?” I wondered. I asked her, “Joy, do you want your dog bed washed?” She stepped back into my son’s room, laid down in his doorway and looked at me. “Ok,” I told her. “I’ll wash your bed.”

I put her bed to the side of the piles and washed all day long. When I had finished with my things, I put her dog bed in the washer with a couple of the cat’s blankets and washed it all together. I dried her bed in the dryer. When I took it out, I carried it into my son’s room and put it down in the floor where Joy sleeps. She’d followed me happily into the house from the dryer and when I put the bed down, she licked my hands and my arms and wagged her tail madly.

All I know is if the dog is going to have laundry, she needs to learn how to operate the washing machine and dryer. Ha, ha. Just kidding. We seniors have to watch what we say or the younger people look at us strangely. I kid around a lot. Some people don’t realize that. Life is a party; we might as well have fun. I’m going to see if the dog does the same thing the next time I’m doing laundry.


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