I am considering buying a cane to use on my “bad days”. On my bad days I have trouble walking the dog. I have trouble walking myself into the kitchen. I have trouble with my hands.

They tell me I have nerve damage to my peripherals, which they define as arms, hands, legs and feet. Sometimes my body works better than other times. I think sometimes I might need to use a cane, if I’m walking much that day.

My youngest son said to buy a cane with four “feet” on the bottom. I wonder if they are heavy?

My oldest son said to buy a cane with flames painted on it so it will look like I’m moving fast.

My middle son hasn’t given me his opinion yet. I’m not sure if he knows I am considering buying a cane.

I don’t know how to use one. My oldest son says Dr. House on his TV show used his cane wrong. My son said I should use it on the side that isn’t weak. Well, sometimes both sides are weak. I looked at walkers and shuddered. My mother had a walker. Not sure I want one of those . . . not yet.

I know using a grocery store cart like a walker on a rainy day when the pavement is wet is not a good idea. I found that out a couple days ago. The thing almost got away from me and I have no idea where it would have ended up, if it had. I can’t shop like I used to any more.

I don’t walk as far as I did.

I still wonder if a cane would be a good investment and what to look for in one? Maybe someone will read this that has a cane and will share some wisdom with me?


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