When Adult Children Disappoint You

The main thing I’ve learned from watching my children as they live as adults is to not take their decisions too personally.

Once we get our proud wrinkles and feel like we have a lifetime of experiences and knowledge (we do!) to guide us (and anyone else who will listen to us), we can see problems and disasters before they even appear.

That is in our world. Often these problems and disasters do appear and then our adult children turn to us for HELP! when we grumble to ourselves that if they had listened to us in the first place, they wouldn’t be in this mess.

However, sometimes in their world, the world they grew up in – not the world as we experienced it – but in today’s world, they have more knowledge about what is right for them. They make good decisions. They avoid the disaster we were sure was ahead for them.

So when adult children disappoint you because they are not living their lives as YOU would live them, just remember that is it THEIR lives and they have the right to make the same mistakes you made and learn from them.

Know that if you have spent time with your children when they were young and taught them how to think for themselves, you are now reaping the joys of that time.

Let them go. Let them fly or fail to fly, or whatever they do as they leave your words of wisdom with you. You may find that you see the world through a different set of eyes and you may learn a little something from them.


4 thoughts on “When Adult Children Disappoint You

  1. Good article. It is hard to let go of your children. When you actually do….Your life is less stressful. God will take care of them. Just trust that He will.

  2. Well said, we all must move on through the different stages in our lives from little girl – to teen- to mother- and what I like to say my Retirement Years of raising my children

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