Misunderstood Seniors

Senior adults are often misunderstood. They can have strong beliefs and feelings. These often come from experience.

I saw a Pulmonary Specialist, so he was called, yesterday. I am still suffering from the tests run in his office. I do have lung problems, but I will never, ever, see a Pulmonary Doctor again.

I saw one in Wilmington and his tests and diagnosis proved very helpful. However when I left the office of the one yesterday, I felt like my lungs had been unnecessarily beat up. I had breathing issues the rest of the day and night, and am still having problems this morning.

Why did I go to him? I have asked myself that question for almost 24 hours. I have a new doctor. I have also recently been told I’m disabled. My new doctor has set up appointments with all sorts of specialists. Well, the buck stops here. I’m done being poked and prodded. Actually there isn’t a lot of that going on. I’m done sitting in a chair (not even on the examining table) while some “specialist” sits with his back to me and plays with his computer.

I already have a problem with doctors. I’ve suffered a great deal because of their incompetence or whatever caused them to not do what was needed to be done, and then caused me to have to have surgery to correct their mistake. I’m done with doctors. Any medicine that appears to be helping me, I’ll go back and see a doctor to get it refilled, but if they think they are going to pretend to examine me while they in fact make me worse AND get paid for it, they have another think coming. I believe they could put me in a lineup today and that “Pulmonary Specialist” could not pick me out, if asked, “Which person did you see yesterday?” He was too busy with his fancy computer.

You learn best by doing. I am a former educator and I know this is true. I’ve seen it; I’ve experienced it. I have learned best by seeing doctors who don’t know what the hell they are doing, who are only there to collect a big, fat paycheck, who sometimes bury their mistakes with no reprecussions – I’ve SEEN IT. And I’ve had enough.

Speak ill of the older generation, if you want to. At least we know what we are talking about, and we know from experience. I get the occasional “You don’t know what the doctor can do until you see him/her” comment. Uh, yes, I do. They’ve almost killed me twice. They say the third time is the charm? Well, third time or not, I’m staying the hell away from doctors from now on, unless I know exactly what I want and that they can and will give it to me.

I recently had a doctor, who had been my doctor for over three years, send me a certified letter telling me I had thirty days to find another physician. Why? Because he was sure I’d be happier elsewhere. You know what? He was right.

http://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-john-baker-32dy4/background-check#BackgroundBackgroundCheck_anchor   I told the NC Medical Board about this “doctor” 30 years before they finally “sanctioned” him.


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