What do promises mean to people in America today? They seem to mostly be empty.

I am annoyed because I finally found someone to cut the grass in my yard. It was a big job as my son had not been able to do it because of the demands of his job. When I tried to do it, I spent 2 or 3 days in bed and I mowed a spot the size of a table top. I clearly need help with yard work now.

The nice man and his adult son who worked on my yard said they’d be back in two weeks. They came three days in a row and got the yard under control and promised they’d be back and would cut the grass every two weeks. I have not seen them. It’s beginning to go on three weeks.

People passed by and mentioned that they too cut grass and would like to cut the grass next time. No. I assured them these men were set to cut the grass every two weeks.

Well, obviously they lied. My son is all for giving someone the benefit of the doubt, but when someone has made a promise they don’t keep, the least they can do is pick up the phone and call and say so.

I am finding out that fewer and fewer people are worth my time or can be trusted these days. If I tell you I’ll do something, I’ll do it or break my neck finding someone who can. A man’s word used to mean something. I guess that was before certain Americans decided to rewrite history. It is what someone says it is. Truth doesn’t matter much in America any more. Just be glad you have a job, however awful it may be, and go to work and come home, pay your taxes and try to get over on any other person you can. Then wonder why they are cranky and distrustful.


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