Donald Trump

Donald Trump is making some statements that are causing a fuss. Never, since I was young, have I seen someone speak their mind and stick by it. Everyone else that says something, anything, someone else disagrees with, will apologize and not do it again, if the offended person yells loud enough.

Political Correctness has bothered me for years. If you don’t say what someone else demands to hear, you are not politically correct. Then why say it? They know already what you’re going to say. You get in big trouble, mister, if you don’t watch what you say in America now.

When I was younger, people spoke their minds and it helped you decide who you wanted to be friends with. . . who you wanted to work for. Now most have agreed to say the same things – things that don’t hurt anyone’s feelings, or if feelings are hurt, it’s not the ones who will clamor about it.

I read about another presidential candidate – a Mr. O’Malley, who actually (gasp!) made the mistake of saying “All Lives Matter” when the thing to say now is “Black Lives Matter”. Then Mr. O’Malley apologized. Is that all it takes to get him to take back a statement? Someone is (or pretends to be) offended by his words? And I question the idea that “All Lives Matter” is not as relevant as “Black Lives Matter”.  Seriously. When did the speech police take over this country?

I’ll take Donald Trump any day over anyone so worried about offending someone else by a word said or a phrase stated. So what? When did Americans get so thin skinned? Are we like the school yard bullies now who enjoy making someone say “Uncle”?

People have lost their jobs, their freedoms, their positions in America in the last few years just because they said something someone else objected to. Are we all alike now in America? Is there no room for individual ideas or opinions?

I angered a dear friend recently for saying Bruce Jenner was not a hero. A fireman who rescues a child from a burning building is a hero. He insisted that Bruce Jenner WAS a hero. Why? Because Jenner did what he wanted to do and publicized it? A lot of us do things that make us different. Whether or not we choose to publicize it should not determine whether or not we’re “brave” or “heroic”.

Donald Trump has come along at a time when America needs to hear that we don’t all have to be the same. In fact, we are NOT all the same. I admire someone who says what he means and means what he says. If I want someone who will apologize for saying something that someone else might not want to hear, I’ll go back to teaching pre-school where I can make someone apologize and promise not to say that again. Surely America is more mature than that.


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