What’s Wrong with Gray Hair?

I just saw an ad for hair color. It was aimed at women over forty. It discussed how women over forty, who all obviously want to cover their gray hair, should be using the ad’s product.

How about this instead? Many people complain about how women are not allowed to age like men are. They lament how the female of the species has to work, work, work to appear younger than they are.

Did anyone ever stop to think that until there are women who do not shy away from aging, who do not think gray hair isn’t attractive, and who do not want to stay young forever, until that time, the youth of today will be revered.

Yes, some may think younger women look better. How do we really know though when the older women strive so hard to continue to look young? What would happen if older women decided to go with the look they are developing and embrace their new age?

Is it a diversion to keep older women from realizing what they have gained by living? If older women search constantly for ways to continue to appear young, are they even noticing all the advantages and joys in aging?

I am proud of every wrinkle because I know each one came from living – from experiencing life. I am equally proud of my gray hair. I view it as highlights from God.

Why don’t we older women band together and be proud of who we are, not constantly seeking to be what we thought we were in the past.


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