When Adult Children Visit

My middle son, Conrad, just came for a visit yesterday. It was wonderful seeing him.

We all went to one of his favorite places for dinner last night.

This morning I cooked breakfast for him. I didn’t have to wake him up to ask him what he wanted. As his mother, I knew and I made scrambled eggs and bacon with toast and some grapes for fruit.

I tried to fuss over him as you do valued company, but he was happy with any pillow, yes, he could sleep well on the futon, and yes, he’d like a cover, anything would do.

I had a couple items I offered him and he took them both and was happy to get them. One was a pizza pan; the other a new hairbrush.

The pets were all happy to see him. Our cat changed her mind, but that was after he helped me give her the heart pills she takes daily. Oh, the little drama queen she was last night! I haven’t seen her try to slobber those pills out like that in a long time. She wanted to be sure he knew just how unhappy she was with getting her medicine.

He went with me to walk the old dog. She doesn’t go far any more, but she still likes to go out and walk a bit. She’s old, as is the cat.

Then there’s the dog we got a few years ago, and when she was a puppy, Conrad took care of her. I got her to keep the older dog company when the older dog’s mother passed away. I was in no mood to enjoy a puppy, but Conrad spent a lot of time with her, and she adores him. Still, she walked out with us to his car, and although I worried she’d try to chase after him, she came back inside here with me. This is her home.

We all look forward to seeing my son again.


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