Your Neck

A long time ago I read an article that said whatever you do to your face, do also to your neck. It mentioned that while women work on their faces to try to retain their youth, they do not give the same treatments to their necks and they should. So that’s what I did. Year after year.

This morning I watched a video made by a plastic surgeon and he basically said that wrinkles don’t make you look old as much as sagging skin does. He said most women focus on their faces, and they neglect their necks. I couldn’t watch the whole thing because it began to bore me and it sounded like he was going to try to sell a product to help firm up necks and sagging skin.

I already have products I use. I buy either Olay or Neutrogena products.

The picture on this blog, and I really need to change it, but it says it must be rectangular and my most recent school picture is not. I’ll try to copy and paste what I look like now.

I guess I was just glad to hear a doctor say I’ve been doing all I could all these years and doing it the right way. He even said your neck is over 50% of what people see when they look at you and your neck tends to give away your age, when your face doesn’t. He also said wrinkles comprise about 12% of your face. I was going to put his name here, but I can’t find the article now. He said he was a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Just now checking, I see there’s a bunch of them.

Corbett Picture

This is me now. Or it was last year when they took school pictures.

I g


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