Tomorrow I have an appointment to sign up for Medicare Part whatever it works out to be. It’s confusing and I’m depressed. My oldest son came to see me today.

This was not a good day. I wanted to stay home. Is that so hard? Just stay home. He was coming to see me. No, he couldn’t eat in this town. He wanted me to meet him at Chili’s in a town on his way here. So I headed out to drive 20 minutes to a place I really didn’t want to go so he’d be happy.

Guess what. I know the man in the blue van behind me trying to shove his front bumper into my backseat was rude and wanting me to speed, but when I was almost to the town with Chili’s. there was a sign that said “Crash Ahead . . . All Lanes Closed”. So after a minute or two more, I turned around and headed back to this town. I called my son. He suggested I take a back way to Chilis. I told him NO. I had no idea how far up ahead the crash was and I wasn’t going the back way to find out.

So guess what again . . . he wanted me to wait at a gas station for him. I waited and waited  and finally called him and HE was in the all lanes closed crash zone. Sitting still in traffic. Two different men in that gas station almost knocked me down as they rushed past to get wherever they had to be so quickly. Why does everyone in America run? All   The  Time?

When we finally got to a restaurant in my town, the waiter was the most unpleasant waiter I have ever had. It turned out that every other waiter had called out today and that man was handling the whole restaurant by himself, but I didn’t find this out until we were leaving and my son complained about the poor attitude. The man slammed plates down, he jerked plates back up when they were half empty and scowled, “Are you done with these?” Rude.

Everyone I ran into today was just plain rude. And nasty.

Then the insurance man I told I’d call came by anyway and I made an appointment to meet him tomorrow to talk about Medicare. Doesn’t my son realize this is as big a deal to me as starting kindergarten was to him? Didn’t I talk to him and listen to him and assure him he’d be all right back then?

Now I’m so old that I have to sign up for Medicare. I can keep my work health insurance this year while I’m out on medical leave, but it will cost a fortune! I’m trying to see if Medicare will be cheaper? But doesn’t Medicare mean the end of the line? My middle son already mentioned on his last visit that insurance would cover the cost of a nursing home. Well, they’ll have to find me first, won’t they?

Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I hadn’t dedicated it to my children. I have three sons. I don’t think any of them know or care what it’s like to be at the end of the train ride and looking for the station to get off at.


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