A Bargain

I went to CVS Pharmacy this morning to pick up a couple prescriptions. They’ve had lawn chairs for sale all summer and I wanted one, but not at the price being charged. I’ve learned by living this long that bargains can be had at the end of every season. Today the sign said 75% off summer items. It said 50% off last Wednesday and today I’d planned to go ahead and get the lawn chair I’d eyed all summer. It’s a red and blue chair made out of the same material the last lawn chair I bought was made from, and that one lasted several years. To top it off, the chair was no longer 50% off, but was 75% off!

I took the chair with me to the prescription counter and the young man who rang up my prescriptions argued with me about the price. I really wanted the chair, so I just paid what he claimed it cost and bought it with my debit card. As I walked back to the front and saw the sign again, I reached out and took it with me to the front. There I talked with a cashier named Pamela who spent awhile trying to put the amount back on my card – the amount the young man in the prescription department overcharged me and then I paid her the $5 the chair was now selling for. I got a $20 chair for $5. I’d been looking at it all summer trying to decide if I wanted it $20 “worth”? I was thrilled with my savings.

When I got home, my youngest son, who was here, was not as delighted with my purchase. The first words out of his mouth were “Where will you put it?” Let’s see . . . I am having medical problems with my feet and legs and tend to need to sit down frequently. Any where I put it would be fine! But I’d planned to put it on the front porch so I could sit out there with a friend during cool fall days. Right now it’s in the kitchen and is fine in there for now.

What bothers me with today’s youth and even older people is that they don’t appreciate a bargain. They drive nice shiny new cars and then dive into French Fries I buy like they’re starving. They buy fancy/smanchy phones and wave them around like some kind of trophy. There is more to life than spending every penny you have or will have on fancy items. There are sales – especially at seasons’ ends and things are much cheaper, but still as valuable. I also buy beach towels at the end of the summer. I just bought five for $6.25 each from Kohl’s. They usually sell for $25.99 and I got five for the price of one . . . They’ve very nice and I use them for bath towels.

Anyway, I love a bargain, if it’s something I will use. I love to be appreciated and obviously there are those who do not understand or appreciate bargains. Where will I put it? Wherever the hell I decide it goes. How about a little appreciation for buying savvy?


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