Bouncing Out of Bed

Gone are the days of bouncing out of bed in the mornings! Oh, what glorious days those were. I was a morning person, much to many family members’ dismay.

Now, because I’m older and have this “condition”, I find myself getting out of bed more slowly. If not for my old dog, I might not get out of bed at all some mornings.

However, there is silver in every cloud’s lining. I do find myself doing more things I want to do and planned to do because as I make my way through the fog of getting up, I have time to plan my day.

I have to pay attention to this body I live in so I know what is actually possible that day.

This day I have sat and typed and written until my bones feel they must get up and move around. The old dog is about to get rewarded with a walk, for this day I am feeling better than I felt the previous three days.

Every day is a surprise now and every day that is a good day is much appreciated.


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