Sometimes People Miss Their Blessings

I’ve heard smug young people and their parents at church bragging about how God has blessed them. I wonder why he never blessed me with a shiny new car or a bank account full of money. Then I stopped to think about it. I have had a shiny new car – more than one of them. I was married to a wealthy man (I’d rather be poor, ‘nuf said).

I grew up poor. Looking back, I now think I missed out on possible blessings. My mother refused anything she viewed as “charity”. Sometimes when you’re down and out, God sends some “charity” your way. That’s a blessing.

People we meet as we live our lives are also forms of blessings. Have you ever wondered why the person you needed to meet for the next phase of your life suddenly appeared?

I believe in spiritual parts of life on earth. I’ve seen miracles.

Be aware of how your life is going. Notice the people in it. Wonder at how some things just happen to work out exactly right at the needed time.

Those are blessings. Don’t shove away possibilities and decent help when it is offered, and you need it. Some are sent here to help others. Sometimes in life you get help; other times you become help to someone in need.

Sometimes people miss their blessings because of things done or not done – things accepted or refused.

Don’t be so proud that you cause yourself to miss out on your blessings.


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